The Dream

The dream
of the craft

The painter's craft is on the one hand vocation, on the other hand I understand it as a combination of traditional, professional work and the usage of new and long forgotten materials. My education served as the basis for my work. The award with the master prize of the Bavarian state government reflects the passion for my profession.

My mission: a unique design that meets 100% of the design requirements of my customers. Diversity instead of standard, resource conservation instead of waste, individuality instead of mainstream, short quality instead of quantity.


Tradition meets
the modern age

We develop and implement individual interiors and objects for private customers, businesses, hotels and gastronomy, as well as for trade fair construction, in the third generation already. Implementation of your wishes and ideas in room design is made possible virtually without limitation by combination of traditional techniques with state-of-the-art digital printing technology and by use of extraordinary and, most of all, genuine materials.


The perfect play
of colours

Red adds energy to your home, earthy tones fill rooms with warmth, nuances of white shine like moonlight and dark colours exude comfort and well-being. Strictly speaking, colour is nothing more than the different reflection of light on various surfaces as perceived by the eye. Simpler still: On a substance used to paint, colour or dye them.

To us, colour is far more than this, however. That is why we use only the best that the paint market has to offer in our creative work. Our paints are produced out of more than 120 pigments in a Swiss manufacture. They are perfectly free of hazardous substances and offer a unique brilliance of colour. Combination with other materials creates not only visual but also haptic experiences.


The renaissance
of the wallpaper

The wallpaper originated in the Orient. Once, decorating walls mostly with large tapestries was a thing reserved to the monarchs. With increasing industrialisation, wall coverings of paper spread in particular in Central Europe. Wallpapers have always been an expression of the spirit of the respective times. The great selection enables us to design your home just as you like it.

However, the materials we use have little in common with the colourful patterns of the 1970s. Refined wallpapers of genuine silk, brocade or fabric bring comfort and a hint of royal luxury to your rooms.


Heavy Metal

Refined and unique – that is the best description for our metallised walls and ceilings. Best craftsmanship produces natural surfaces with shimmering effects.

Use of liquefied precious metals, combined with the different application methods, opens up an entirely new world of design options. Applied with a spatula, brush or as varnish, elaborate structures create many different and impressive colour nuances.

The sophisticated material mix makes surfaces of platinum, steel, bronze, copper and gold appear as true pieces of art. Metal leaf further refines the results. Together, the two techniques offer an exciting experience not only for the eye.

Lime Surfaces

The best
lime can become

Lime surfaces produce an extraordinary room experience with their natural effects, feel and structure, while also ensuring a special room climate.

Since they can be processed seamlessly, lime surfaces offer a wide range of uses from wet room to kitchen use to furniture fronts. They regulate humidity and therefore improve the air quality in your room.

We use Italian lime putty exclusively for our surface design. Production or mixture with genuine pigments according to our own formulations leads to ceilings and walls with unique colour effects.

Objekt Design

Supplementation of
space and shape

The interaction of colour, shape and material creates many different room situations. Our idea of the perfect room, however, does not end with wall design. The proper combination presents the objects skilfully. Matching, well-chosen colours or special surface improvements reinforce these effects to create individual, unique objects. We also draft and design furniture and accessories to match the room concept and supplement our offered range.

From idea
to reality

The perfect paint application is one thing – a perfect overall appearance quite another one. This is why we consider ourselves more than traditional craftsmen: we are also advisors and providers of ideas in the interior area.

We support our customers and projects in and outside of the country from the first step onwards with creation of entire colour concepts and sample production right on site.

Master of Color

Professional craftsmen qualified to be kt.COLOR Masters of Color belong to the best in their business. They use the highest-class materials available and apply our pigment colors with expert application techniques. Leading employees visit our workshops regularly.

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